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Ultimate Tank War Ultimate Tank War

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Great fun game, a lot of potential, but to be honest this feels like a rushed game, great idea (been done before but works) but it seems like you are calling to many demanding methods every frame (attached to the tanks) as the game gets laggy. Great use of time control to speed the game up which was a useful quick fix to the rush option players can take (so they don't have to wait to capture every base) as they play the game.

A few tips which I think you should implement straight away or you will lose the crowd of people that will come back to the game after playing it once:

-Test! test with different style Gamers as to how they might tackle the game
-Sort out the scripting
-More terrain
-Make more expensive tanks worth more on base capture
-Some how make the enemy the last thing the player has to kill to win the game, instead of capturing every base (game over when there are no red bases would be better than all bases captured)
-Nerf machine gun tanks
-Upgrades more expensive (test this a lot of research needs to go into this as you have A LOT of options for players (this is a good thing, if you keep the game play balanced! which it is not))
-Work on the AI, they are really dumb in this it may be frustrating but they just heap together and take a 'hard-codded' base first and so on.
- Make player tanks stop on sight with enemy tanks to engage in battle, this will reduce rushing
-Allow player to select where on the map their tanks can go to allow a really successful game mechanic (this will enable the user to better defend and "play" with the enemy if they get bored).

But this game could be really successful, if you need a hand, Ideas, Programming or even just to look over your code and point out methods on the AI that do not need to be called every frame just give me a shout, happy to help.

It was a fun game and had potential (please change that "was" to "is").

ir/rational Redux ir/rational Redux

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Music went well with this game i must admit i found myself going "Ooooh" in time with the sounds of the music, found it a nice effect.